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Just made a cool healthy snack/breakfast.
Bought low fat natural yoghurt & mixed it with some (no sugar/salt) muesli.
As it was not sweet at all (excluding the raisins in the muesli) I thought I would sweeten it with my fave fruit juice...and that being grapefruit juice made it taste just a tad too bitter!!
Next time to complement the raisins I think I will add a dash of grape juice instead.

As well as the dish above, today I have eaten 2 oatcakes with low fat phillidelphia
one slice of wholemeal toast with hot pepper sauce & a low fat cheese triangle
a handful of cashew nuts
& 2 bowls of healthy home made (no stock cube/fat required) pea & watercress soup with sliced mushrooms...mmmmmm!

Enough food to keep the metabolism going & enough calories to lose weight I hope!

I am really starting to enjoy the soup ideas I have been coming up with!!

And I have lost 1lb...but for how long I say.
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