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Today I have consumed WAY too much caffeine I feel as if I could take off.
The weight has gone back up, I duno if it's cos I've got my period (I get one every two weeks now for some reason) but yeah, I'm not happy.
My mummy thinks I'm obsessing too much about myself but if that was the case I'd be the size I want to be and not some fat turd.
We stupidly watched some old birthday videos of mine today which reminded me of what a fat greedy child I was asking for an extra bit cake...how humiliating. My poor mum said I never liked proper food and was a really skinny baby so when I did eat she was just happy I was eating, if only it had worked out differently.
I've eaten really well today, only wholegrains and veggies but far too much coffee...I blame Scott!
Went for a nice walk today up Cornbank and back and thought about how desperate I am to lose weight the whole time, blah.
I really should shift my ass and get on the bike or something, yeah I think I will.
Anyway, rant over from me...ONE DAY...

...as I keep saying :(
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