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So, since the mumps, I decided to take advantace of the lack of appetite I had. This has helped me shrink the old stomach and now I need to eat nowhere near as much as I used to.
Unfortunatly for me, I'm at my hungriest at night so low carb low fat snacks it will have to be.
Started taking a new supplement today too...Hoodia gordonii, it helps suppress appetite, gives energy, you know the usual.
So I've been living off oatcakes, quorn, mushrooms, stuffed peppers, homous, salmon (today), brown rice, tons of water, grapefruit juice and the occassional tasty curry sauce, what on earth can I do to make my diet fat-leighanne-proof?

Graeme got coca leaf tea online, its from the leaves that make cocaine, but is perfectly legal and has several health benefits.
I had 2 cups yesterday and found it gave me a nice lift, helped me get some of my uni essay done and stopped me being hungry for a while too, obviously its nothing like cocaine but does share some subtle, similar properties!
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