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Coach's quest to perfection

Enter if you dare...

31 August 1983
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This is my weight loss journal, expect moaning, pics and excitement when I lose some weight.
My regular journal is leighannabone
If any of my friends on my proper journal are interested in my quest to slim-ness please add me.
I didn't know who would be interested so didn't add anyone.

My heaviest...11.5 stone (2001)

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Watch this space...soon to be promoting the BEST UK supplement website ever!!!!

Me and my mumma, we were on atkins together...now I have moved on but she's still my weight loss buddy!
I ♥ her...mrs thinkofthecarbs / sickly___sweet

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Fat Fucks...June 2005

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We're a cute pair...will be even cuter when we're skinny bitches.
Getting there...slowly :(