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My iron lung

Just been for a run with Will, I was being a lazy fuck though and had no motivation whatsoever, still managed to beast to the best of my ability.
My wee short legs cannot keep up with Will...and my lung is getting worse so I believe that has put some restriction on my performance, LOL.
Doctors appointment next week is in order I think.
Went on the bike on Thursday morning too & I've been making really nice soups & veg dishes, which really should help me lose the flab.
I am cancelling my gym membership once & for all, greedy council fuckers taking money from me and making me pay for next month due to their "30 days notice policy"...CUNTS.
I guess I should take advantage of my last month & beast my ass off, likely? I think not, the gym SUCKS.
Revision calls. So does alcohol but that aint going to happen.
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