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So things have been a tad productive, found a new running buddy in the form of Will the athlete & really enjoyed the run we did round Penicuik last night. For our first time we took just over an hour (including pit stops for water at my mums, Will's house & tesco for water & toilet).
I have such a sexy diet diary for 2006, here she is...
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Food has been good...I'm getting plenty fruit & veg & feeling hopeful once again.
Stupid gym membership, I have to pay for February & am going to be totally skint this coming 6 months. Realised I'm going to be living off £60 a month with the money I have at the moment, time for a job I think. Seen a good job for a leisure attendant in Edinburgh, hours to suit uni & free use of all the gyms & facilities...if something's gonna get me slim it will be that LOL!
Blah, better go revise :(
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