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Well fat fuck Loo is back in action, I weighed myself yesterday & the result was not pretty, to top it all off I had a curry afterwards...WHAT WAS I THINKING????
I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED to lose weight, I hate being so unhappy in my body, its not fair.
Went out with wee pops last night & felt so fat, I guess she's never the best person to compare yourself with if you are having a fat day LOL.
Must stop drinking so often, must stop getting a curry after drinking so often.
Maybe a months rehab @ teh shack will lift my appetite?
Anyway, I have gained about 8lb which is horriffic in such a short space of time & I am disgusted with myself.
Oh-Kay...just re weighed myself & now I am 3lb lighter as I was last night...which means I was holding 3lb worth of food in my greedy gullett & have only put on 5lb (mullett paul cheeky chuckle) still thats bad.

Why the fuck can't I stick to things??
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